The Institute has comprehensive collections compiled over the course of more than 100 years.

Digitisation of the Names Archive

The corpora of place names in the Names Archive will be converted into a digital archive. The Names Archive contains approximately 2.7 million entry slips of toponymic information.

The digitisation project is one of the initiatives celebrating Finland’s centenary in 2017.


  • Conversion of the entries into digital format.
  • Conversion of the main information on the entry slips (entry format of the name, geographical reference, parish, collector, collection year and classification) into database format.
  • Indicating the specific locations as coordinates.

The platform for the digital archive will be created in cooperation with CSC – IT Center for Science. The digital archive provides more than just better access to information that is already there; it is a digital platform for enriching and supplementing the information.

Näyte Kotuksen Nimiarkiston nimilipusta ja siihen liittyvästä keruukartasta.
An entry slip and a map.