The Institute has a lot of publication activities.


The Institute publishes two linguistic journals: Kielikello in Finnish and  Språkbruk in Swedish.


Kielikello is a journal for Finnish language planning. Its topics include language and name use issues within the Institute’s scope of expertise, as well as linguistic research and other language-related phenomena. The journal addresses basic questions of language use, topical issues from plain-language work to neologisms, language use recommendations, and dialects.

Kielikello is published four times a year, in print and online. The journal’s free digital archive contains articles published since 1968.



Språkbruk is a journal dedicated to talking about language and linguistics in an intelligible way. The journal includes articles by researchers, interviews with people working with language, and news about language and linguistics. It also gives language use guidance and presents new literature on linguistics.

The journal’s archives give you access to back issues.