The Institute’s webpages in Finnish contain a lot of information about the languages spoken in Finland, other languages related to Finnish, the language policy in Finland etc.

Language planning at the Finnish Language Office

Language planning refers to various methods for influencing language use. It can focus on 1) spelling, structure, vocabulary and names; 2) complete texts; or 3) language status (in other words, language policy). 

One of the Institute’s sections works with language planning. The section is known as the Finnish Language Office, although the Institute’s official organisation has not included a language office for a number of years.

The Office provides telephone counselling on language and name use, and organises language use training. The Office’s main service is the Institute’s guideline database for language and name use. The Office also publishes the journal Kielikello, which discusses language planning and linguistic phenomena.

The Office’s experts on plain language and EU Finnish work together with the authorities.  Our main functions include counselling, information, lectures and training. We also arrange various courses on language use and writing, such as trainers for in-house courses.

The Office is assisted by the Finnish Language Board, which is an expert body for Finnish language and name planning. In addition to issuing general recommendations and guidelines on Finnish usage, the Board is a policy authority in questions relating to the Finnish language.