The Institute has a lot of publication activities.

Books on grammar and language planning

The Institute publishes works on grammar and language planning. Some publications are descriptive of the Finnish language and usage, whereas others are normative guidelines.

Examples of works in Finnish

Iso suomen kielioppi (Comprehensive Grammar of Finnish, 2004) is an exhaustive description of the structure and use of Finnish. It is a descriptive grammar, not prescriptive, and it is available online.

Kielitoimiston oikeinkirjoitusopas (Spelling Guide of the Language Office, 2012) contains the official recommendations on punctuation, compound words, capitalisation, etc. Today, the updated spelling guidelines are published in the Language Office’s guideline database.

Kielitoimiston kielioppiopas (Language Office’s Grammar Guide; 2015) provides answers to questions about grammatical variation. It also explains the reasons why there is variation and helps writers to choose an appropriate form for the intended purpose. Some of the instructions are also included in the Language Office’s guideline database.