The Institute for the Languages of Finland is the largest Nordic lexicographical research centre that compiles both normative and descriptive dictionaries.

Other dictionaries

The Institute also compiles other linguistic and cultural dictionaries describing both the standard language and other linguistic variants. The Institute’s dictionaries describe, among other things, standard Finnish, Finnish word frequency, toponymy and the etymology of Finnish words.

Furthermore, there are dictionaries of Finnic languages and dialects, such as the Ingrian dialects, the Olonets Karelian dialect, the Ludic dialects, Votic, Livonian, Mordvinian, Mari and Mansi. There is an etymological database covering the Saami languages.

The Institute has compiled comprehensive Finnish–Swedish and Finnish–Estonian dictionaries, and dictionaries of the Romani language. In addition, the Institute has participated in the creation of dictionaries of Finnish and Finland-Swedish sign languages. The current projects include dictionaries of immigrant languages, starting with Finnish–Somali and Finnish–Kurmanji.