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EU Finnish

Members of the public are welcome to contact our resident EU expert by email for guidance on EU-related Finnish usage. In addition to holding lectures and workshops, our EU expert conducts research on EU Finnish and its impact on current linguistic practices in Finland. The Institute for the Languages of Finland also strives to advance the status of Finnish and keep track of how much Finnish is spoken in EU arenas.

‘EU Finnish’ is a language variant produced when EU documents are translated into Finnish by EU bodies. EU Finnish has an influence on Finnish linguistic evolution through the coinage of new words, the best-known recent neologism being the name our currency, the euro.  

EU Finnish has a particularly marked influence on bureaucratic language, the standard of EU Finnish being largely dependent on the quality of the original source texts from which it is translated. In a bid to improve the standard of EU Finnish, the Institute collaborates with translators, authorities, researchers and language regulators in other countries.

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