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Easy-to-read -language

Easy-to-read language means Finnish that is adapted to the needs of, for example, persons with disabilities or immigrants who are learning Finnish. In other words, it is different from the regular plain language that is the objective of plain language work. Both plain language work and easy-to-read language focus on similar questions, such as point of view, intelligibility, sentence structure and layout. Clear standard language provides a good basis for easy-to-read texts.

The Finnish Centre for Easy to Read of the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities promotes information, communication and culture in easy-to-read Finnish. The Centre’s endeavours are supported by the Advisory Committee for Easy to Read, with representatives of more than 40 organisations. The Advisory Board monitors developments in the field and works to promote easy-to-read communication. The Institute for the Languages of Finland has a representative on the Advisory Board.

Website of the Finnish Centre for Easy to Read (in English)