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Akujärvi, Inari
The Basic Map of Akujärvi village in Inari. © National Land Survey, licence 49/MML/10.

Names on the Basic map

The names on the Basic map have taken their present form as a result of the cooperation between map makers and onomasticians. The Basic map has to be up-to-date; yet it should preserve old names and foster our cultural heritage. Even traditional names evolve over time and as more and more areas are inhabited, entirely new names are born.

There are names in five languages on the Basic map: Finnish, Swedish, North Saami, Inari Saami, and Skolt Saami. Places may also have several names in different languages; the majority language of the municipality is indicated by the order in which the names are presented.

The most up-to-date version of the Basic map can be found on the web at (Citizens’ Map Site). The Citizens’ Map Site is an open map service where citizens can search all the 800,000 place names on the Basic map and address names in the entire country.

Names of mounds on the Basic Map

map mounds

Names of waterways on the Basic Map

map waterways