The Institute’s webpages in Finnish contain a lot of information about the languages spoken in Finland, other languages related to Finnish, the language policy in Finland etc.

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Directions in Urban Place Name Research (web publication)

Names of countries in seven languages

Each name is presented in Finnish, Swedish, North Saami, English, French, German and Russian.


Toponyms Data Bank (Miikkulainen, Raija 1998)

Based on the paper read at the XIXth International Congress of Onomastic Sciences Aberdeen, August 4-11, 1996). Published in: Miikkulainen, Raija (1998): The Database of Finnish Toponyms. In W.F. H. Nicolaisen (ed.), Proceedings of the XIXth International Congress of Onomastic Sciences. Aberdeen, August 4-11, 1996. Volume 2. Department of English, University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen. p. 248255.

Places, names & stories – a pilot project on geographical names in Finland (Paikkala, Sirkka 2009)

In Peter Jordan, Hubert Bergmann, Catherine Cheetham und Isolde Hausner (edited by), Geographical Names as a Part of the Cultural Heritage. Wiener Schriften zur Geographie und Kartographie, Bd. 18. Wien. p.  65–70.

Reasons for name changes in Finland (Paikkala, Sirkka 2010)

In Terje Larsen og Tom Schmidt, Botolv onomastikkens harding. Veneskrift til Botolv Helleland på 70-årsdagen 9. juni 2010. Oslo: Novus Forlag. ISBN 978-82-7099-569-1. p. 71–80.