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Keimolan ajot 2
Keimola Race. – Photo: Vantaa City Museum.

Names in town plans – ”Keimola Hill” in Vantaa

Keimolanmäki / Käinbyback

A new residential area has been planned to replace the former Keimola Motor Stadium, Keimolanmäki / Käinbybacken “Keimola Hill”. The new names (in Finnish and in Swedish) in the area have been inspired by the motor racing course.

Ajolenkki / Körlänken “Race Round” used to be part of the racing course.

Lincolninaukio / Lincolnplatsen “Lincoln Square” refers to the founder of the course, one of the most famous race car drivers in Finland, Curt Lincoln.

Ruutulipunkuja / Målflaggsgränden ” Chequered Flag Alley” refers to the finish line of the race.

Saunalenkki / Bastulänken ”Sauna Round” used to be a steep curve where there was a sausage advertisement (lenkki meaning both a race round and a Finnish sausage shaped as a ring or an oval by tying the ends together, often enjoyed after bathing in the sauna).

Vauhtikuja / Fartgränden “Speed Alley”, in turn, refers to both the Keimola Hill races and the name Vauhtitie / Fartvägen “Speed Road” found in Eläintarha / Djurgården (“Zoo”), an area where another famous racing course used to be located.

Keimolanmäen asemakaava 2009
The town plan of Keimolanmäki 2009.

Keimola Motor Stadium 1966–1978.

Keimola vuonna 1967. © Martti I. Jaatinen
Keimola in 1967. Photo: Martti I. Jaatinen.