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Checking the names on the Basic Map – The right name in the right place

The names on the Basic Map are checked at the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland. The objective is to make sure that the right names are used in the right places in the right forms and that they are written correctly.

In the checking endeavour, the most important sources are the place name collections of the Names Archive of the Research Institute, which have been compiled by interviewing local people. The changes made are stored in the Topographic Database of the National Land Survey of Finland, which serves as a basis for various map printouts and printed Basic Maps. 

Karttanimien tarkistusta. Kuva: Kotuksen arkisto.
Checking the names. Photo: Toni Suutari

Mantyharju mtk-ote
© National Land Survey of Finland, 49/MML/10.

Above, you will find examples of what types of changes can be suggested to the names on the basis of the name collections and how these suggestions are realized in the topographic database. The changes presented here have to do with

  • the correcting of the spelling of names (Piikinmäki > Riikinmäki),
  • and the adding of missing names (Pekonkorpi).