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Finnish dialects

Dialect distribution map

Suomen murrealueet. Kotus.
Dialect distribution map: © Kotus. In the coastal areas marked with diagonal stripes Swedish is spoken either as a first language or as a second language.

1. The Southwestern dialects

1a  the northern group
1b  the eastern group

2. The transitional dialects between the Southwestern and Häme dialects

2a  the dialects of the Pori region
2b  the dialects of Lower Satakunta
2c  the dialects of the Turku uplands
2d  the dialects of the Somero–Somerniemi group
2e  the dialects of western Uusimaa

3. The Häme (Tavastian) dialects

3a  the dialects of Upper Satakunta
3b  the Central Häme dialects
3c  the Southern Häme dialects
3d  the Southeastern Häme dialects, Hollola group
3e  the Southeastern Häme dialects, Porvoo group
3f  the Southeastern Häme dialects, Iitti group

4. The dialects of South Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa)

5. The dialects of Central and North Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa)

5a  the dialects of Central Ostrobothnia
5b  the dialects of North Ostrobothnia

6. The dialects of Peräpohjola (the Far North)

6a  the Tornio dialects
6b  the dialects of Gällivare
6c  the Kemi dialects
6d  the Kemijärvi dialects
6e  the fjord dialects spoken in Norway (Kven dialects)

7. The Savo dialects

7a  the dialects of Päijät-Häme
7b  the South Savo dialects
7c  the transitional dialects between South Savo and North Karelia
7d  the dialects of North Karelia (the eastern group of Savo dialects)
7e  the North Savo dialects
7f  the dialects of Central Finland
7g  the transitional dialects along the Keuruu–Ähtäri–Evijärvi line
7h  the dialects of Kainuu
7i  the dialect of the Forest Finns, mainly in Värmland

8. The Southeastern dialects and a few transitional dialects bordering on them

8a the Southeastern dialects proper
8b the Finnish dialects spoken in Ingria
8c the transitional dialects between the Southeastern group and South Savo
8d the transitional dialects between the Southeastern group and North Karelia