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Institute for the Languages of Finland

Archives and collections held by the Institute for the Languages of Finland

The extensive archives and collections held by the Institute for the Languages of Finland have been assembled over more than a century. Besides the material held in paper form there are also audio recordings and an ever increasing volume of electronic data. A new on-line data service named ‘Kaino’ was launched in December 2006. It includes Finnish texts dating back as far as the 1500s as well as a separate Atlas of Place Names and etymological data on the Saami language (Álgu – Origins of Saami Words)

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Archives and collections

Finnish (incl. material on related languages)
Names Archive
Archive of Modern Finnish
Audio Recording Archive
Lexical Archive of Finnish Dialects
Archive of Old Literary Finnish

Languages related to Finnish
Etymological Archive
Karelian Collection
Mansi (Vogul) Collection
Mari (Cheremis) Collection
Vepsian Collection

Finno-Swedish (Finland Swedish)
Archive of Swedish Dialects in Finland
Collection of Swedish Place Names in Finland
Archive of Swedish Family Names
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Electronic corpora

Kaino = freely accessible on-line data service, Kaino (in Finnish)
authorisation required = requires user authorisation
CSC, Language Bank = requires user authorisation, access via Language Bank

Corpus of Magazines and Periodicals (authorisation required)
Modern Finnish Lexicon (Research Institute for the Languages of Finland) (Kaino)
Syntax Archive Data (authorisation required)
Lexical Data from the Archive of Modern Finnish (authorisation required)
Headwords in the Dictionary of Modern Finnish (authorisation required)
Oulu Corpus (authorisation required)
Atlas of Place Names (Kaino)
Toponymic Database (authorisation required)
Corpus of Proverbs and Other Colloquial Expressions (Kaino)
Texts from the Samples of Finnish Dialects Collection (authorisation required)
Corpus of Finnish Literary Classics (Kaino)
Corpus of the Finnish Language (CSC, Language Bank)
Corpus of Entries from the Dictionary of Finnish Dialects (authorisation required)
Corpus of Old Literary Finnish (Kaino)
Corpus of Early Modern Finnish (Kaino)

Languages related to Finnish
Álgu – Origins of Saami Words (Kaino)
Etymological Reference Database (authorisation required)
Digital Listing of Headwords in the Dictionary of Karelian (Kaino)

Finno-Swedish (Finland Swedish)
Finland Swedish Text Corpus (CSC, Language Bank)

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Other collections

There are also a number of other collections and (index) datasets used internally at the Research Institute.

The Geographic Names Register of the National Land Survey may also be accessed for research purposes at the Research Institute.

The Population Register Centre’s register of personal names is also available for research purposes. A detailed account of the intended use should be given when applying for user authorisation. Further information on using this register is available on request.

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Updated 08 February 2013

The Institute’s on-line data service ‘Kaino’ is available at kaino.kotus.fi. In English is available The Etymological database of the Saami languages.

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